Bill McClain


Abacus2020提供丰富的全渠道服务和跨PC,Mac,iOS和Android的通用用户体验,使其成为当今云端移动第一员工的理想选择 – 无论他们在哪里工作。

Abacus2020支持多种用户选择 – 桌面电话,软电话,移动客户端,WebRTC客户端以及与100个国家/地区的全球PSTN接入和本地电话号码的本地VoIP集成。


Bill McClain

Project Management

Bill McClain is president and founder of Networking Solutions, Inc. founded in 1996 as a network consulting and service company. In 2011, he started StratusDial LLC to provide hosted VoIP services.

In 2018, Abacus Group outsourced project management and ongoing customer service to Bill and his staff.

As a VoIP provider with over 30 years of networking experience, Bill’s service is designed and implemented with best practices to ensure a quality of service that is second to none. SDWan and other edge devices give him the ability to deploy not only full featured solutions but very stable solutions.