Abacus2020 starts with a tightly integrated security wrapper blending world class Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) with creative mashups of phone numbers, APIs, APPs and SMS.

Abacus2020 embeds realtime VoIP, Video and Messaging into existing workflows and consolidates all of your communications into a single pane of glass. Abacus2020 is seamless, intuitive, unified and ubiquitous. One enterprise cloud platform and one global network for all of your communications and collaboration with unprecedented speed, scale, security and innovation.

Omni-Channel Services

Two-Step Verification (2FA) used to confirm a user’s identity for security purposes. The user inputs a password, if correct, the application sends the user and out of band SMS with a string to be input. Abacus provides programmable APIs that make it easy to build two-step verification into business applications.

Application-to-Person (A2P) used to send SMS to a one or more people such as appointment reminders, loyalty rewards, mobile exclusive promotions, to name a few.) Abacus provides programmable APIs that make it easy to add A2P services to the offering.

Push Notifications are SMS messages sent to specific individuals who have opted in to receive them. Examples of push notifications are reminders, increased engagement, notification and support. Abacus has iOS and Android WebRTC SDKs with built in support for push notifications.

Chatbots can be introduced once your DID phone numbers have been SMS enabled to allow texting along with calling. Chatbots capture an incoming text and have a digital conversation with the customer to uncover issues and schedule an appointment or a call. Abacus SMS enabled phone numbers and programmable chatbots save significant time on both ends.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) adds a professional touch to any organization. Key features include routing the caller to the right agent or department, automate customer support, collect information about your callers and never miss a call. IVRs are proven to increase first contact resolution while reducing operational costs. Using Abacus Visual Designer, sophisticated IVRs can be built quickly and easily modified as needed.

Masked Phone Numbers allow users to call and text while protecting their identity. Masked numbers also prevent transactions from happening off of your platform whenever buyers speak with sellers (Uber, EBay, etc.). Abacus programmable voice APIs let you set up phone number proxies to keep parties from knowing each other’s phone number during a call.

Contact Center Agent Messaging can improve the customer experience for those customers who would rather text than call. Many customers prefer the immediacy of text over being on hold or navigating IVR menus. Abacus can easily SMS enable contact center voice numbers so customers can text instead of calling.

IBM Watson Integration creates a self service agent to handle calls instead of a live contact center agent. Abacus is integrated with IBM Voice Gateway to support SMS messaging to Watson, allowing customers to send a text to customer service rather than calling.

Retail: Self Service Shopping with SMS capability added to the web portal allows buyers to see specific items, receive a picture on their mobile phone or laptop and provide the closest store location to purchase the item.

Insurance: Adding texting capability to the claims application helps to settle claims quickly. The customer can fill out a claim on their mobile device and send a supporting photo.

Financial Services: Customers can open an account from anywhere using 2FA and WebRTC real time voice, video and messaging. Customers can send SMS texts to customer service to ask a question or report an issue or apply for a loan or other service.

Heathcare: Voice and messaging play a critical role in home health monitoring applications. The application uses messaging to send diagnostic information to the doctor’s office. If necessary, a voice call can be initiated.

Pivotal people, powerful software, partnerships that matter - the future of telecommunications.

Abacus2020 brings it all together with simplicity, speed, super security, global scale and the insights gleaned from 40 years in telecommunications.

Abacus2020 provides a rich set of omni-channel services and a common user experience across devices making it ideal for today’s cloud first, mobile first employees, wherever they work.


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