John Moses

Pivotal people, powerful software, partnerships that matter - the future of telecommunications.

Abacus2020 brings it all together with simplicity, speed, super security, global scale and the insights gleaned from 40 years in telecommunications.

Abacus2020 provides a rich set of omni-channel services and a common user experience across devices making it ideal for today’s cloud first, mobile first employees, wherever they work.


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John Moses

Special Operations

John is a driven technology asset that keeps the long term interests of his clients, his company, and the adoption of cutting edge technology top of mind. With over 15 years of channel and technology related experience he has forged long term revenue generating partnerships through his technical acumen and personal relationship skills.

Starting as an entry level sales representative, he has grown through training roles, entry level technical roles, to director level technical design roles for both data management and enterprise networking. John was recently selected for an executive position running all operations for Abacus Group, a long standing cloud PBX provider with a strong, nationwide client base. He also carries high level industry certifications for enterprise networking, most recently an HP Networking Master Architect.

Besides corporate roles, John has a rich background in military and government service. First, he served as a senior enlisted with three deployments and 20 years of service including a selection as a Liaison Officer to the United States Embassy, having served in the high level logistical field of the military. His time includes theater wide shipping, and inter-governmental customs negotiations and enforcement.

As a private citizen, he is an elected School Committee member for the town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Encompassing 5000 students and a 55 million dollar budget, he is responsible for oversight and hiring of the superintendent, proper management and monitoring of tax payer funds, and the political progress of good policy. Recently they accomplished the goal of securing 8 million dollars for the expansion of town elementary schools, which will enable the implementation of full day kindergarten.

Some of the largest organizations in the world use AbacusCloud.

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