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Abacus2020. Beyond the Cloud. 


Connecting the world with the future of communications and reinventing how companies engage with their customers. Committed to delivering the ultimate user experience.

We’re in the business 
of connecting people

Through telecom integration and expert service we’ve
been helping global leaders simplify some of their
most challenging communications problems.

The next evolution of communications made simple with software.


Programmable Real Time Voice

Abacus2020 enables the rise of new omni-channel communications for the enterprise. Leveraging virtualization, automation, cloud, analytics, robust APIs and self-service digital tools, Abacus 2020 integrates voice, text, chat and video into any application, service or business process. The future of communications is here and it is programmable.


Embedded Communications

Abacus2020 integrates presence, voice, video, messaging and web collaboration into one intuitive and consistent user experience. How do you want to communicate today?


API Software Integrations

APIs embed advanced voice capabilities to and from virtually any application. Add compelling, consistent omni-channels for voice, video, messaging, meetings, fax and real time notifications. Create your own Abacus powered app and natively integrate CRM and other support systems.

“Abacus2020 lets users and teams talk and share with a consistent experience from any device, anytime, anywhere.”

John Moses, VP of Communication

Meet our team

Abacus2020 anticipating the future of communications for your business.

Abacus Accelerators

Adapting, automating, analyzing and anticipating with agility.

Adapt for change

Automate routine tasks

Analytics that matter 

Agility powered by the cloud

Anticipate the consequences

Abacus Trusted Advisors

Abacus 2020 is powered by a world class team of pivotal people closely aligned and intently focused on improving the user experience and connecting the world with the future of communications. The Team brings strategic thinking, world class practices and insights, and the perspective that comes from decades and decades of experience in helping companies make the case for change, simplify technology and transform the communications process. 

Abacus Technology

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